Spring semester cabin trip 8-10. March

We are going on Cabin trip in Nordmarka 8-10. March! Norwegians love going out in nature for cabin trips as this gives us a great opportunity to escape from city stress with bonfire, card games and other cabin activities. Rumour also has it that our coach Jakob makes an amazing stew! (Price: Around 400 NOK) 

Coming this summer.

Norwegian league 22-24. March

Every semester we have a league that spreads out over a Quidditch season. This is from after the summer vacation, over new years and until the summer vacation starts again. This league match is in Bergen, a very nice trip to make if you want to get to know Norway a bit better. Expenses needs to be covered by the individual person, but it's a social happening and a good way to learn to know quidditch and your team mates.

There will be several other league games throughout the semester, but this marks the first one!

Norwegian championship 27-28. April

This is the spring tournament that includes all of Oslo. Equal size of Oslo Open, but not a qualifier for EQC. This is our training tournament to prepare for EQC, and what better than having it in Oslo! Come watch, or even better play. 

European Quidditch Cup 2019 11-12. May

Every year EQC is hosted for teams all over Europe. The teams are decided based on regional cups within a country. In Norway our deciding tournament is Oslo Open, which is held in Autumn. Norway has three spots for EQC, and this year NTNUI Quidditch, OSI Quidditch and Sagene Quidditch are going. 

The dates are May 11-12, and the location is in Harelbeke, Belgium. Accommodation and travel is covered by the individual players. 

European Games 2019 29-30. June

Every second year EG is organized, where European countries send their national teams to compete for the gold medal. In 2017 EG was held in Oslo, where Norways national team came third. 

Ofc this is an event for the national team, but it's highly encouraged to take your summer vacation cheering for your fellow players beating other national teams!

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