President Sjur Ask Bjelland

I'm Sjur, and I've risen to the rank of President after having been the hype master for my first semester playing Quidditch. I'm ready to pass the duty of hype master along  as I've been told that a President has to be strict and firm. My playstyle is to run at the defenders and hope they're too scared to tackle me.

Vice president Maria Mykland

Maria is onto her third season with OSI Quidditch, althoug she started as a Beater, but has gradually moved more towards chasing. Maria is also treasurer for Norges Rumpeldunk forbund

Treasurer Merlin Zimmermann

Had a rough start as a merch-player for Ås at Oslo Open 2016 and signed up for practices with OSI the same week. Jakob told him to beat, and beater has he been ever since.

Coaches Jakob and Mathilde

I am Jakob, current Headcoach of OSI Quidditch. I have played Quidditch for 4 years. In my freetime, I study Fitness videos on Youtube and devise new and better drills to improve practices. Otherwise I play Lacrosse and coach Norways Quidditch National team, even though I am originally from Germany.

And I'm Mathilde, current headcoach for OSI Valkyries, our second team. I've played quidditch for something close to two/three years, with a background in handball. As of this season, until hopefully May, I'm not playing because of shoulder injuries. I'm doing my best to get back on pitch for one of the biggest tournaments of the year, EQC. Hope to play with you there!

Event and media coordinator Vilde

My name is Vilde, and I’ve been playing Quidditch since fall 2018. I’m a beater, but have recently started to try chasing. I joined the board this semester as the event and media coordinator.

Recruitment coordinator Mette Sundal

I started playing quidditch in the fall 2015 and have also been part of the board since fall 2016. I’ve had different positions in the club and are currently the recruitment coordinator and secretary in the board. Quidditch for me is an exciting and international sport that gives me the opportunity to travel and meet people from all over the world. I look forward to the recruitment of new members this semester so we can show them this amazing sport. My task in the board involves planning the recruitment in the beginning of the semester with Facebook events, poster, flyers and stand on the student association day.

Team representatives: Heidi Åmot and Stein Elgethun

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