OSI Quidditch is a sports team associated with the University of Oslo, and we play muggle quidditch.

In Norway we compete in the Norwegian Championship (NM), Oslo Open and the Norwegian Quidditch League (NQL). The club has participated in several European Championship (EQC). Several of our players have also been selected to represent Norway on the national teams over the past years.

We practice 2-3 times a week near Blindern. Everybody is welcome to try out, student or no student. We use Spond as a platform for training times and other events, but are also active both on Facebook and Instagram. In our team exists a good social environment, which consists of cabin trips, game nights, end of semester parties and other social gatherings. Each semester we have the opportunity to participate in different tournaments outside of the bigger ones. These tournaments give good travel opportunities. 

We are friendly to everyone, even if you don’t speak Norwegian. So it’s good to know that practices will be held in English. Love from your coaches. 


Quidditch is a full-contact sport which resembles of a mix of handball, dodgeball and rugby. Inspired by the Harry Potter books, quidditch it is currently one of the world’s fastest growing sports.

The sport was first established in 2005 in the US, and today there are over 450 teams on world basis. In Europe there are established teams in over 20 countries. Among the big tournaments arranged every year, we have the world championship and the European games, not to forget EQC, European Quidditch Cup, which is one of the largest tournaments for clubs. 

In Norway quidditch was first played in 2012, and the first Norwegian Championship (NM) was held in 2013. Over the span of a season we also have our Norwegian Quidditch League, where teams from all over Norway meet to play best-of-three matches over the course of a weekend.

Several large tournaments have been held in Europe; four European Quidditch Championship’s (EQC) for teams, one European Games (EG) for national teams and one Quidditch World Cup for national teams. 2017 European Games were held in Oslo, where Norway came third.

Quidditch is a mixed gender sport – and all genders are accepted and respected. This creates a warm and welcoming community, both within Norway and internationally. Our players have friends from all over the world!