Do you want to make your next event stand out? How about hiring Oslo’s best quidditch team for a fun and active afternoon? We offer quidditch events adjusted to your wishes!

Bachelorette & bachelor parties

We have hosted several bachelorette and bachelor parties with great success. By switching out the regular water breaks with wine breaks, this is a fun and active way to start of the party.

Birthday parties

Whether the birthday boy/girl is 10 or 30 years old, we’re happy to introduce Harry Potter fans to the muggle version of their favorite sport. Bring your friends and see who can catch the snitch first!

Team building events

Challenge your co-workers to a game of quidditch!

Gym session for schools

Are you a gym teacher and would like to host a quidditch session for your students? We can help! If the students are 16 years or older, they can even form a team and participate in the Norwegian Championship in spring.

We provide all the necessary equipment and quidditch instructors to give you a proper introduction to the sport.