President Helle

Hi! I’m Helle, and I joined OSI Quidditch in autumn 2019 to have fun and be active. Currently playing as beater and loving it. I study to become a teacher in english and history, and probably too much of my spare time is spent reading fantasy books. 

Vice president Christoph

I'm Christoph, half-Czech, half-Austrian beater and occasional chaser since autumn 2019, and now also vice president of the board. I'm studying to become an English- and history teacher, and in my free time, I like to play Dungeons and Dragons, and to despair.

Treasurer Håkon Olav

I’m Håkon Olav, treasurer. I’ve been playing quidditch as a chaser since fall of 2018. When not playing quidditch I’m likely to be found in the Physics-building at Blindern (p < 0.42 (includes night-time)). Otherwise I'm probably deep in nature, either by foot, bike, broom or kayak

Social media coordinator Ben

Hi. I'm Ben and I've been a part of the quidditch team since July 2020. I study HR Management and have been working as the event coordinator and social media manager

Sport coordinator Sjur

Hi, my name is Sjur, and I've played quidditch since the summer of 2018. I have previously been president for the club, and I play as chaser!

Team representatives: To be announced