Around 200 NOK for student and 300 NOK for non-students (Also covers club fee to OSI on 120 NOK)

No, we are open to all students in Oslo and we have some space for non-students too.

Show up to practice, pay the club fee and join our spond group.  

No, we have all the equipment so just meet up in training clothes!

We recommend studded football shoes for outside practices, but trainers works too. 

You attend as many or as few practices as you want.

No! We will teach you everything you need to know about playing and rules before your first match.

Yes! Quidditch is a very new mixed gender sport and are open to people of all athletic abilities. We are open to new members through the year and run intro practices at the beginning of each semester.

The snitch is a ref with a tag attached to their shorts. Remove the tag and you catch the snitch for 30 points.

It helps to come from a sports background, but we have two teams to adapt to different training needs. We have players who have not actively played sports before that enjoy learning something new and being part of a team for the first time.

No, quidditch is a sport and we have some players on our team that are not interested in Harry Potter. If you like to try new things, travel and be in activity this is the sport for you!

We don't.